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Posted on 05-13-2016

When cats are sick, they may act in ways that owners do not recognize as illness. Sometimes owners do not know that their cat is sick until it is too late.
    Signs that your cat may be sick:

    1. Changes in interaction-a previously clingy cat acting uncharacteristically aloof or a more independent cat that becomes the velcro kitty may indicate illness.
    2. Changes in activity- hyperthyroid cats may be hyperactive. Cats with osteoarthritis may not be as active as they once were.
    3. Changes in chewing or eating habits- Eating less or more, crying in pain while eating
    4. Changes in water intake- increased water intake may indicate diabetes or kidney disease
    5. Unexpected weight gain or loss- cats with diabetes or hyperthyroidism may lose weight even if they are eating more
    6. Bad breath- there may be a dental issue, digestive disorder, infection or kidney disease
    7. Changes in grooming habits- fastidious groomers letting themselves go might be ill. Overgrooming may be related to stress, pain or skin conditions
    8. Changes in litterbox habits- urinating, defecating outside the litterbox, increased urination, abnormal consistency of stool


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