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Having grown up poor and lived through the Korean War, Dr. Gerald was excited to arrive with his family in Washington, DC, in 1974. When he stepped off the plane in the nation’s capital, he had a heartfelt belief in the American dream and was grateful for the opportunity for success. Some years after, he loaded up his family, and their modest possessions, in a U-Haul truck and headed south to Atlanta. This was long before the city became known as Hotlanta when I-85 was just a two-lane highway, and Jimmy Carter Boulevard was lined with cow pastures. After many years of hard work and saving, Dr. Gerald purchased a little brick bungalow house on Lawrenceville Highway. With his own sweat equity and an intuitive sense of power tools, he converted the residential home into a veterinary office. Finally, in 1985, Dr. Gerald was proud to open Abbott Animal Hospital’s doors to the good people and pets of the Lilburn-Tucker area.

Sarah has never strayed too far from the neighborhood since graduating from Tucker high school in 1990. She spent many summer vacations walking dogs, cleaning cages, assisting in surgery, and learning the ropes of veterinary medicine. She had a wonderful mentor in Dr. Gerald, who passed on his wisdom in the art of healing. Through his warm, gentle bedside manner, he impressed upon her the importance of treating pets and clients with patience and kindness. After a decade of working together, Dr. Gerald finally passed over the reins to Dr. Sarah. As concerned fathers and former workaholics often do, Dr. Gerald likes to stop by several times a week, usually on his way to Costco, to see if supplies are needed or to make sure operations are running smoothly.

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Dr. Gerald and Dr. Sarah

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We shall make every effort to maintain a warm and welcoming setting where we can foster a sense of trust between our employees and clients.

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