Happy pets are healthy pets! A commonly overlooked aspect of a pet’s health is their oral health. Oral pain and infection can dramatically decrease a pet’s quality of life and longevity. In some cases, dental disease is also an indicator of something more serious such as other organ diseases, or bacterial or viral infections. It is essential to have your pet’s mouth checked regularly to spot dental disease early on. With early detection and thorough dental scalings, your pet’s oral health will remain in tip-top shape, and you can avoid more costly health problems down the road.

Since we perform dental scalings and extractions under general anesthesia, we also complete a full exam of their heart, lungs, liver, and kidneys. During the procedure, we will inspect your pet’s teeth individually after any tartar is scaled away. Afterward, the teeth are polished, and a tartar barrier is applied. When you come to pick up your pet, we provide a dental aftercare kit and instructions on how to maintain your pet’s oral health at home.

We also perform complicated tooth extractions with gingival flaps; as well as treat cats with stomatitis needing full or partial mouth extractions.

Since periodontal disease can often be a chronic health problem, we work with each patient to create individualized treatment plans. We want to make sure your pet’s health is feasible for you to maintain and strive to make any necessary treatments affordable. If you have questions about dental cleanings or to schedule an appointment, please call Abbott Animal Hospital today at (770) 921-2121!


How will you keep my pet comfortable during the procedure?

We use various methods of pain control to ensure your pet is comfortable, including anesthesia, nerve blocks, and pain medications. We provide IV fluids throughout the procedure to maintain hydration, and vitals are all carefully monitored. Your pet will likely be groggy afterward but should recover from the medications within a few hours.

Will you need to keep my pet overnight for dental procedures?

At Abbott Animal Hospital, we perform dental procedures on an outpatient basis. You will need to drop your pets off by 8 am, and in most cases, they will be available to pick up any time after 2 pm. We perform surgeries on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

What is the cost of a dental exam?

We offer complimentary dental exams and estimates for necessary dental work. If you think your pet is suffering from dental problems, please call us at (770) 921-2121 today to schedule an appointment.


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