In 1986, Dr. Gerald opened Abbott Animal Hospital’s doors to the good people and pets of the Lilburn-Tucker area, and his daughter Sarah was always a fixture during those early days. Sarah spent most of her high school and college days doting on the pets, getting to know clients, and learning the ropes of excellent veterinary practice, customer service, and bedside manner.

In 1996, Sarah became Dr. Sarah when she earned her Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Georgia. When Dr. Gerald retired in 2005, Dr. Sarah took over as lead veterinarian of Abbott Animal Hospital. Though to this day Dr. Gerald is on-site daily, assisting in surgeries and translating for our Korean clients. He remains an integral part of the Abbott Animal Hospital team and family.

Today, Dr. Sarah is an active member of the Georgia Veterinary Medical Association and the Korean Veterinary Society of America. She is on-site every day of the week and can’t imagine not always being there for you and your pet. Just like you, Dr. Sarah is animal lover. She has a super sweet and overly friendly and excitable Australian Cattle Dog named Buddy.


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